Playtest is a weekly deep dive into game mechanics, concepts, and experiences. Taking a running leap in Super Mario Bros. or determining the identity of the princess in Love Letter is a deeply satisfying experience. Smashing some candies together in Candy Crush Saga or completing construction of a wonder in 7 Wonders gives us a sense of accomplishment. Figuring out a solution to a complex social problem in The Walking Dead or completing cooperative tasks in The Captain is Dead gives us a little more faith in humanity. We want to show those kinds of moments off and experience them together.

Playtest is a weekly hour-long platform hosted by the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University for explaining in short talks the small parts of things we love about games and also giving people the ability to experience them by playing the games in a comfortable and critical setting.

We are currently holding sessions in the CMII conference room on the 2nd floor of 25 Park Place from 3-4:00 PM on Wednesdays. Please see our Calendar for more information about our schedule and our Sessions page for more information on particular sessions.