Procedurality in Games-Feb. 28, 2018

What: “Procedurality in Games”

Who: Jennifer Olive, Department of English, Georgia State University, and Cameron Kunzelman, School of Film, Media & Theatre, Georgia State University

When: February 28, 2018, from 3-4:00 PM

Where: Room #212, CMII Building (enter on floor 2 of 25 Park Place and follow signs), Georgia State University

Procedurality is a defining characteristic of videogames as described by Ian Bogost in his book Persuasive Games. This characteristic describes “…a way of creating, explaining, or understanding processes” (2). Bogost notes that this can also expand into other games and even concepts outside of games like engineering and religion (3). For this session of Playtest, we will look closer at this concept of procedurality and how it functions in games. The game for play and discussion will be Betrayal at House on the Hill.