Defining Creativity in Games-Feb. 14, 2018

What: “Defining Creativity in Games”

Who: Jennifer Olive, Department of English, Georgia State University

When: February 14, 2018, from 3-4:00 PM

Where: Room #212, CMII Building (enter on floor 2 of 25 Park Place and follow signs), Georgia State University

Enabling creativity is a coveted quality in game design. But, if creativity is about “thinking outside the box,” games as closed systems are a bit at odds with things unaccounted for by designers. In this session of Playtest, we will explore what creativity means in terms of games by looking at Dixit and how it manages creativity within the game’s mechanics.

Jennifer Olive is a Ph.D. candidate in English with a concentration in Literary Studies at Georgia State University. Currently, Jennifer is a Graduate Teaching Assistant for GSU, where she has taught courses in composition for the English Department. Her dissertation looks at the representation of postcolonial trauma in digital media, specifically videogames. For more information, check out her website or follow her on Twitter.