Annotated Bibliographies 6-10

Annotated Bibliography 6

TIME MANAGEMENT AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT OF HIGHER SECONDARY STUDENTS by A. Vences Cyril written on December 1,2014 is a research paper that talks about the balance between both the academic life,personal life and how time can be managed. The first thing that pops up in our minds when we think about time is how fast it flies by. The main problem that most people have is managing their time during the day. Some people use it wisely by being productive while others just don’t mind how they use their time. Time comes and goes. Nothing can stop it.  Having a positive attitude and changing habits is one step closer to managing time efficiently. Organizing, planing ahead and sticking to a mental schedule would also help manage time.

I chose this research paper because this is a topic that a lot of people from all ages can relate to. The author gives out suggestions on how people could possibly cope with time management and how successful and productive they would be with it. I think this research paper is pretty accurate when it comes to talking about students and how they can manage their time. This source is different from the others that I have not researched on because it covers the basics of what people go through like procrastination and cramming for exams.

Annotated Bibliography 7

Targeting unintended Teen Pregnancy in the U.S. by Hadi Danawi, PhD MPH, Zenobia Bryant, MPH, and Tala Hasbini, MS written on January 1 2016 is a journal that mentions about the factors that influence teen pregnancy, who it affects the most and why it affects them in a way that the rate of teen pregnancy increases in the U.S. Most of the teen pregnancies are unintentional and it is mainly the Latinas who get themselves pregnant during their teenage years. Reducing poverty and creating an equal society is something U.S. is working on indirectly to tackle the problem of teen pregnancy directly and abolishing the causes that lead up to it or influences it.

I chose this journal because this has become a nationwide issue for the past decade. This journal was intended to speak out to the teens who get pregnant in the U.S. Sex education should be taught to people when they are young and they should be exposed to the consequences for the choices that they make. This source is the only available source on the project topic that I am using. This source has a few flaws on addressing how to reduce the number of teen pregnancies in the U.S. and in explaining that a lack of knowledge and resources (poverty) is also a factor in causing teen pregnancy. This source compares the rate of teen pregnancy to other developed countries.

Annotated Bibliography 8

Hello my name is “I’m new here…” Making friends,Staying Strong, and Having a Fantastic Year as a School Librarian by Carolyn Stenzel written on January 1, 2015 describes Stenzel’s experience becoming a school librarian and how it transformed her life. As a high school student, she found herself connecting to librarians. Stenzel realized that creating a list of what you are good doing at and looking over it in the long run would help to alleviate any frustration that might arise in the future. A little self-esteem and self confidence develops along the way. Giving time for yourself to think about what you have or will accomplish is very important for the mental health.

I chose this source because it is an example of ones life and how she pursued what she wanted as a career. Many of us don’t know what we exactly want to be in life and that’s perfectly okay because there is still time to figure that out. Librarians in a library help to monitor if the place is quiet or not. They also know where everything is in the library, so if you ever need any type of information asking them wouldn’t hurt. The author provides a few hints on how to successfully build a career that’s right for you. The one thing to be careful about is being favor of becoming a librarian after reading this article. This could be one flaw. Many people go for other careers like business, engineering, medicine etc. Very few like to work in a library. This source gives more insight into a career that is least likely heard of. Capture

Annotated Bibliography 9

Are Our Kids Growing Up Too Fast? by momlifeshow posted on March 5 2013 is a video that talks about how kids are growing up way too fast. Sometimes kids seem to not need their parents anymore for things. Kids have access to sexual information on YouTube and from the internet even if it is taken or cut off from parents in movies.Kids may seem to be more mature than they are for their age. It may depend on the clothes they wear, the type of friends they hang out with, and how much exposure they get from the world. According to that, their attitudes change and lots of people have different views of them in society.

I chose this source because lets face it, we all are going to grow up, get married and have kids. Its mainly how the kids behave and grow up that parents keep an eye out on. This topic is relevant to my project topic because the younger generation will have to lead themselves in the future. It depends on what they do that depicts whats going to happen in the future. The author and other moms in this video seem to have different opinions of how their kids are growing up way too fast. This is bias in a way that the moms talk about how boys are boys when they grow up but girls tend to be one step ahead of where they are suppose to be. The author is working with other moms to see if what she thinks is the same for other moms.

Annotated Bibliography 10

Top 10 Issues Facing Our Youth Today by Joewel Andal posted on March 24,2014 is an overview on the different types of stuff that the youth go through in their life. It is basically almost everything that I have talked about in all of my annotated bibliographies. This last annotated bibliography summarizes everything that I am suppose to cover for my project topic.

I chose this source because it gives out a lot of information on the topic. It is also something that we all youth tend to struggle with. Either through peer pressure or through some other influential force. In a way the topics mentioned in the Prezi presentation under the category of the issue that youth face is biased but they mostly are true. Flaws are found in the different topics on the project topic that I am working on and in a way all these topics are universal. This prezi covers everything I have not talked about.


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