Clarkston’s Exterior

My location is in Clarkston. I specifically chose Georgia Perimeter College which has now become a part of Georgia State University. I can admit that there are places in Clarkston where it looks pretty decent but for the most part it still needs to be cleaned up. A few places that look like its plain can be used for things like making mini stores where people could buy snacks. Other ideas can be to set up benches for people to rest at or any other public service that doesn’t only require students to be taking part in. They have a water foundation which gives out a calm and peaceful outlook on campus because it is in the middle of a lot of green landscapes with a few flowers here and there. Their halls look nice and the entrance with the huge glass box window looks beautiful upfront. I have noticed that their sign says “Georgia State University”-Clarkston Campus. I love how they have a row of white and yellow flowers accompanying each other in front of the sign. It makes it looks like they are giving out a welcoming message for its students and future students. Apparently Georgia Perimeter is now a part of the panther family. This looks like a pretty decent college looking at it from the outside.