Atlanta-Based Learning Reflection

As we all know, when it comes to farms they always stink and have lots of bugs.The small farm which I volunteered in downtown was called Truly Living Well Urban Garden.  The purpose of this organization is to provide people with clean healthy food. They work really hard during the day to make sure all the tasks are done. Time management and having to do their jobs efficiently were two main factors which they had to keep up with everyday. They had plants which were known for their medicine and its healing effects. They also had flowers which were edible.While I was there, I was able to level out the soil and even it all out. I leveled the garden beds and made sure all the roots were taken out of the soil in doing so. This helps the soil to grow rich and healthy plants for them to bear fruit. I also experienced how farmers stay out in the sun for so long. One problem was that in some places the fertilizer was distributed unevenly so more plants might grow more in one area than the other. I was able to get an idea of how much fertilizer I should be putting on the soil to thrive. This organization does a really splendid job of making sure people get the healthy food that they need to eat.I might do volunteer work which would help bright up the lives of people. Specifically, hosting food packaging events for hungry children. I also wouldn’t mind delivering food to peoples houses. I would consult with a few friends who would be willing to devote their time for something which would make a difference in this world.As a group, people will be invited for this club. Hunger and thirst were a couple of things which I struggled to deal with while being there at the farm.



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