You’re a Regular In Jail, John.

Dear John Lewis,

To summarize what I read for this March Book Club meeting, it was brought to my attention that it was quite difficult for you to get through his trip to Africa, just to return back home to the multiple problems he left in the states. The SNCC is failing, plummeting to destruction. Police officers have been arrested for murders, but they’ve been released under the word of a racist judge, Harold Cox. The marches started and many people began getting arrested. The second march, people were arrested once again. They started carrying toothbrushes to show that they weren’t afraid to go to jail. The word got around about the marches, and their numbers started to grow. You kept getting arrested over and over again at these protests. Officer Clark was one of the rude and violent officers that were going against the protests, and three days later after running kids to a jailhouse, he collapsed from chest pains. Everyone wished him a speedy recovery. Yet, he still had the nerve to come out just as rude as he went in. 

This chapter made me feel like I got deeper and deeper into the story. It made me angry, that there are really people out here that are like this, who are so close-minded towards situations like these. I wanted to say that I was shocked when those police officers who were convicted of murder were released, but it’s not so surprising. Issues like these still exist today. White privilege is still a major problem in our society. It’s crazy that people have this amount of hate to control their minds.


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