Farewell, John Lewis.

Dear John Lewis,

Leaving my first english class of my college experience, we must also end the experience with the findings and the message of your book. On December 4, Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. After more and more marches were put into action, more and more people started bringing their toothbrushes with them just in case they had ended up in jail. March 1965, a march was put together across a bridge, and was led by you, of course. In this reading, you get beaten. It was difficult to try to understand how that would even feel, how it would affect your life, your pride, your experience. Dr. King goes to visit you in the hospital. It soon became very known as Bloody Sunday. Not even long after that, 3 ministers were attacked by  Klansmen. President Johnson had decided to stand up and give a speech involving him admitting that the country had a problem. Weeks after that, a march began to the capitol. The Voting Rights Act was then signed in 1965 into law. 

Mr. Lewis, I am terribly sorry for what you had to go through in order to get a step closer to your dream. Reading about your experiences have shown me that the world is a much cruler place than anyone could have imagined. I’m grateful that you had a goal to end racism, and that you took the steps to achieve something that would impact history. 

As the new generation starts molding into the world, we can make sure you actions haven’t gone to waste by educating others about your book, and about the problems in the world. We need to open up the minds of closed minded people. We need to make sure that your work wasn’t for nothing. 


GSU Student Mo Ta


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