October Update

3D Atlanta Project:

A lot of progress has been made regarding the 3D ATL project. We have been focused on modeling a city block, around the intersection of Decatur Street and Central Avenue.


I have been tasked to model the bottom half of building 61 off of Central Ave. Below you can see the stitched photo of the entire block.

central ave 55-61 (1)

And here is my work in progress of building 61 in Blender.


Our next steps will include texturing and assigning a new block to model.

GSU Growth Map:

For this project, we plan on presenting the growth of Georgia States campus throughout the years, in terms of the increased number of buildings bought and occupied by the university. Using the arcGIS online application, I have created a Shapefile to demonstrate the growth of GSU after acquiring Georgia Perimeter College and all of its 5 campuses. Seen below is the Shapefile for GPCs Alpharetta campus.


Climate Lab Weather Analysis Balloon:

This project has made great progress over the past few weeks. A list of materials has been complied and is in the process of being order through the Geology Department. The general setup of the project is straightforward and will require the use of several different electronic components: Arduino, weather shield, Xbee Pro 60mW series for wireless communication, and a number of smaller components. The setup of the system components will resemble the following image.


Once everything is hookup to the balloon and receiving data, I plan on creating a GUI for Geology students to work with the data while they are in lab. To do this, I will be using Matlab. The interface will follow the same idea as this sample project. I will continue to work closely with lab advisers from the Geology Department in order to develop an intuitive application for the students.

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