The Introduction…

Hello everyone,

My name is Megan. I am a graduate student at GSU, pursuing my Master’s in Computer Science and am now a member of the Student Innovation Fellowship (SIF). It has been an exciting start of the semester and I am eager to start researching my new projects.

3D Atlanta:

Providing a theatrical link between the past and the present, the 3D Atlanta project allows viewers to walk through 1930’s Atlanta  and learn how much the city has changed throughout the years, all in 3D!

I am personally contributing to this project by rendering some of the 3D buildings needed to complete a city block using Blender. This will be my first experience using the Blender application so I am glad that I will have to opportunity to learn a new skill.

Real-time weather analysis balloon:

I have been invited to contribute my knowledge in physics, computer science and electronics to help build a weather analysis balloon for the Geology Department at GSU. The plan is to have the balloon rise 1000 ft into the air, all while sending back atmospheric data in real time. We want the students taking introductory geology labs to be able to see the changes in air pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. as the balloon rises through the air. This real-time, outdoors experience will hopefully spark the student’s interest in the geological sciences and be an overall fun experiment!

In closing, I plan on learning some Blender over the weekend and researching methods for tackling the balloon, all in 3D!

Till next time,

Megan 🙂

One thought on “The Introduction…

  1. Hi Megan!

    What you are doing sounds exciting! Darn… why wasn’t the balloon implemented when I took Geology several years ago!? 🙂 It would have made the class much more interesting to me.

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