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Becky Jordan

Oahu, January 2015

Oahu, January 2015

Becky Jordan was born in Maryland, and has lived in Toronto, Georgia, Paris, France, and Minnesota. She is currently working on her last semester of classes for the Public History MA program at Georgia State, and plans to do her internship either this summer, or next fall, and graduate in December. She has a BS in General Studies from Shorter College.

Becky loves both technology and history, and thinks it is interesting how with advances in technology, digital history will keep getting more advanced. During her time between finishing undergraduate school and starting graduate school, she operated a small blog on Tumblr that focused on history. However, her interest in history began long before that. Living in Maryland (until she was twelve) Becky had lots of opportunities to go to museums like the Smithsonian, Fort McHenry, and the Maryland Historical Society, which she often took advantage of, and which fostered a love of history for her at a young age.

Although Becky has not yet completed her internship yet, she is hoping to be able to do it at Coca-Cola, in their archives department, or the Bremen Museum, or the Atlanta History Center. After taking an archives class last semester, she became interested  in archives, especially museum ones, and is hoping to someday get a job working in the archives department of a museum, such as the Smithsonian, which is one of her dream jobs.



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