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Website Style Guide


This page will be used to record our community consensus on issues of style and format for posts and pages.


  • Titles
    • Each major word should be capitalized.
      • Doing Research in the Digital Age
      • not Doing research in the digital age
    • Need not include the class week referenced.
      • This should be done in a tag.
  •  Tages
    • Author names should be capitalized first and last
    • Class week should follow the format Week 1, 2, …10
    • Other tags should be lower-case
  • Citations
    • Formal citations are not necessary, but enough information should be included to identify the title, author, and specific chapter or article referenced.  This may be done in-text.  If you would prefer to use formal citations, they should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.


  • Sections should be separated using headings.
  • Research topics should either be noted under a section heading or added as a “child” page


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