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Caroline Davis earned her BA in History from Ball State University with minors in political science and philosophy.  She is pursuing a Masters in Historical Preservation with a concentration in Public History at Georgia State University.  Caroline has worked at Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park and George Washington Birthplace National Memorial Park and hopes to work with the National Park Service in the future.  Her research interests include the Civil War navies, the Union blockade of the Confederacy, and civilian experience. In addition to this she is contributing author for Emerging Civil War, a blog dedicated to the study and interpretation of American Civil War History.

She has worked on many digital history projects. As part of her work at George Washington Birthplace, she help to digitize a collection of papers donated to the park. The digitized collection will be a part of a website, about the history of the Thomas Stone Family. Thomas Stone was a representative from Maryland and a  signer of the Declaration of Independence. Additionally she is currently working on a city wide projected, titled Planning Atlanta. Her work on this project includes digitize the Atlanta-Journal Constitution photo archives.

She believes that digital history is a highly interesting and can be a useful tool for public historians. As public historians, we are given the task of bridging the gap between the present and the past for the public. Most often this is done when people come to visit historic sites, museums, or when speaking with park rangers and historians. However, with the riseof digital history, blogs, etc. we are able to reach a broad audience, and hopefully create more connections for more people.


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