Timeline Post: The Air Jordan Retro 11

The Air Jordan Retro 11 is one of the most popular sneakers of its generation. The “Retro,” in the title, articulates how the shoe has been re-released to the public since the first time Michael Jordan played his first game in the sneakers. This timeline aims to illustrate the evolution of the Jordan brand on its way to creating the infamous Air Jordan Retro 11. The shoe is the 11th installment of the Jordan brand, which has somehow withstood the test of time. When a customer purchases the Air Jordan Retro 11, they’re purchasing much more than a sneaker. They’re purchasing an artifact reflective of urban culture, championships, and most of all success. This timeline will highlight key moments in the evolution of Michael Jordan’s career, which ultimately lead to the evolution of the Air Jordan Retro 11. The shoe also captures Nike’s reasoning for endorsing Michael Jordan. When Nike decided to endorse Michael Jordan and design his first sneaker, they did so under certain conditions. Jordan had to either win Rookie of the Year, become an All-Star, or average 20 points per game, or Nike would sever the contract. Nike inserted this clause into the contract because they understood the effects of success. The accomplishment’s of Michael Jordan is the reason the Air Jordan Retro11 has withstood the test of time, and this timeline highlights those moments.

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