Post #9 The Cell phone

The iPhone 5c cell phone is 5 inches in length, 2 inches in width and about .35 inches in depth. Its about the size of an adult palm. It is only 4.65 ounces heavy which is relatively light or equal in weight compared to other things that we carry on an everyday basis. When the cell phone is not being used it has a a screen that covers the entire front (except on the borders which is the most minimal). 4 inches of that screen is an LED-blacklit widescreen. It is a multi-touch display with IPS technology which includes a 1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi. It also includes a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on the from and support for the display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously.

On the back side of the phone there is a iSight Camera. It has 8 megapixels. a sapphire crystal lens cover and an LED flash. When using the camera it is capable of autofocus, tap to focus, exposure control, HDR for photos, face detection, panorama and geotagging. With this same camera one can also switch to video recording. While recording the LED flash is available, there is face detections, the ability to still take photos while recording video, 3x zoom and video geotagging. A camera lens is also incorporated to the front of the cell phone in order to facilitate FaceTime Camera. It is often used to take selfies as well all though there are less options on this camera. It only includes face  detection, exposure control, video recording and a backside illumination sensor.

Besides the camera lens on the front of the cell phone, there is also a listening opening meant for typical conversations. There is also a singular a button on the opposite end of the phone called the Home button. These 3 things are the only things on the front screen.

On the side there are several other buttons. there is a Volume up/down button, a Ring/ silent button, an on/off sleep/wake button, and a built-in speaker. There is also a microphone, 3.5 – mm stereo headphone minijack and lighting connector.

On the back there is only a camera lens, a flash lens, the Apple icon  and the information about the identity of the phone.

This is a description of the outer and physical properties of the iPhone 5c. The internal technologies create infinite possibilities to assist humans.

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