Brands: A Brief History

Branding itself impacts life on a day-to-day basis.  Taking time to read a little more about the history of brands, what the word actually means, and the trajectories of these two companies, and some of the studies on branding will give one a deepened appreciate for the complex nature of the relationship between the person and the object.

The following is a brief look at the prehistory, genesis, and evolution of branding, with a particular focus on two local Georgia brands: Coca Cola and Delta.

This timeline focuses on advertising and the history of the brand concept with an eye toward modern day.

Through the object study of Delta and Coca Cola’s brands and considering a portion of their history, the relationship between brands and culture seems direct and responsive.  Coca-Cola and Delta are both local and global brands­– these companies impact life on a global scale.  According to, Delta serves over 165 million customers per year.  Coke claims that their products are consumed at the rate of 1.8 billion units per day.  That’s a lot of Coke!

Brands respond to and even possess the power to shape culture. Companies today are embracing the evolution of culture in the digital age, with the concerns of societal consciousness at the forefront of their current marketing strategies.  The in-roads between brands, philosophy, and psychology serve as mile markers on a wider study of the material culture of contemporary American life.

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