Atlanta Pics: Skyline Sunset


This is the view of Atlanta from my dorm room at GSU. I remember when I first walked in on move in day me and my parents were taken aback by this wonderful view. I really lucked out. It looks even better at night but I just had to take a picture of the skyline at sunset yesterday because it really was something I want to remember. The picture of course, taken on my 4 year old phone, doesn’t really capture the full beauty of the scene but I did my best. Things like this view really make me appreciate going to school at GSU. Living in and going to school in the heart of a city, and not just any city but the city of Atlanta has been such a fun and eye opening experience for me. I came from the relatively small town of Johns Creek, GA where the tallest building was maybe a third of that of Atlanta. Not to throw the old JC under the bus (it really isn’t that bad) but lets just say living in downtown Atlanta is a completely different experience in a very good way.