Study Group Reflection: September 12


After classes today, a few of us got together to work on our class prep assignment, the first annotated bibliography. It took us a while but I think we all understood what we had to do as a result. Working with the group in a more laid back, non-classroom setting allowed me to really get a feel for how others in the cluster were doing. We discussed upcoming projects not only for Dr. Wharton’s class but for all of the classes we shared. I have to say these study group meetings are really helpful for anyone who needs help understanding assignments. And for me, I walked away feeling a little less stressed because I realized that many of the people in the cluster often felt as equally confused as I was. But coming together and hashing things out in a focused environment cleared a lot of things up for all of us. I definitely recommend grouping up and solving your problems with others rather than by yourself. This applies not only for us GA State cluster students but for anyone facing problems whether it be school, work, or just life in general. Good luck!