New Blog Design

So last week during work I was really bored and, instead of beginning my 10 page research paper due two days from now, I decided to play around with my blog. I ended up completely changing the design of my blog to make it more organized and less noisy than before. I had already had all of my posts categorized but now the categories are at the top of the home page for easy access. I went through my posts and added tags to make them all easily accessed as well. The design I chose has this cool feature called a “tag cloud” that shows all of the tags in one big cloud. The largest tags are the ones most frequently used on my blog.

I really liked this theme because it puts all of my posts up front and center on the home page. My last one had a static homepage and then you had to navigate to my posts separately, which I thought was really annoying. This theme is much simpler in design (there isn’t any repeating GSU logo) but more complex in presentation of the content I publish. Hope you all enjoy!