Class Notes: Week 5

Organizing our blogs with categories

To make it simpler to see everyone’s work such as major projects, class notes, and sos questions, we are going to implement categories and tags in our blogs. Some categories and tags we are going to use are:

  • Annotated Bibliography

Tags: AB1-3, AB1fml, Subject (Downtown, Beltline, ect.)

  • Built Environment Description

Tags: BED1-3, Focus (Historical, Cultural, or Political), Environment (Capital Building, Krog Street Tunnel, ect.)

  • Class Notes
  • SOS
  • Major Projects

Class Notes – September 1st

What makes a good annotation?

-One that asks a question (activate others’ thinking)

-answer that question

-make connections

-analyze arguments

-bring more to the text

-explain something for someone else

-provide insight


All of these together make up a good, capital RA, Reading Annotation.


at least 10 annotations per RA

use correct grammar and punctiaution

Hashtags: class hashtag (#atlsprf16H), your initials (#ks), reading number (#RA1 #RA2 ect.), last name of author,