In the article ” His and Hers: Designing a Post-Gender Society” by Kathleen G. Scholl and Gowri Betrabet Gulwad said “We are living in a time of gender revolution. Traditional masculine and feminine roles are being challenged through advances in science and technology.”

Since the beginning of time men have dominated designed landscapes and so only men’s perspectives were considered in just about everything. Leaving women’s ideas unheard. But lately the females’ voice has been heard.Emma Watson promoted a movement called He for She in a speech that went viral last year and also the LGBTQ community voices got heard too, which lead to same sex-marriage becoming legal. But in the workplace according to Kathleen and Gowri women are fighting for more feminine interior. Architecture and interior designs are the slowest to adapt to the idea of feminine sensitivity. Unlike fashion and beauty more and more designers are adding masculinity features from men’s clothes to women’s ¬†like the designer Alexander Wang. Some believe that the barrier between men and women is being teared down.But others believe that breaking down those barriers will cause more confusion in both gender groups. The more people that decide not to identify themselves male or female the more society will be forced to accept it and adapt said Kathleen and Gowri. Even major companies like Google are adapting to the post-gender movement by adding unisex bathrooms in their offices. But ¬†other companies refuses to adapt to the post-society movement not only in their bathrooms but their offices.