In the article “Making Bathrooms more accommodating” Emily Bazelon talks about how transgender people are fighting for their rights to use the restrooms with the gender they identify with. But she also explains their difficulties they have to endure to achieve this she said some of those difficulties are getting accepted.

Men and women public restrooms are typically differentiate by a man on a sign, signalling men to that certain restrooms and a woman on the other sign, signalling women to that particular restroom. So that leaves the transgender community in the middle, not knowing which bathroom they can and cannot use. States around the United States have subjective opinions on how to make bathrooms more accommodating. Bazelon describes how a school in Illinois decided to allow a transgender middle schooler girl share lock rooms and bathrooms with all the girls. Meanwhile in Houston, voters rejected a broad equal rights ordinance that protected against discrimination in housing and employment-including age, race, sexual orientation and gender identity.Most school districts across the country all agreed to refer to transgender students by the gender they identify with.

Emily then addresses the issue the government has with making everything for everyone more accommodating “make fit”. It means to adapt to new changes. But adapting according to Emily may be difficult especially for transgenders. Unlike adding railings to bathrooms,expanding a bathroom stall for the disable. It’s less controversial than letting transgender people use a certain bathrooms. So people may feel a certain way about allowing a trans into a woman’s bathroom and vice versa.

But the transgender community believes that this issue could be easily resulted. Emily mentions how the LGBT community just want to feel included in the society and their decisions. They believe that the government should just take away a man and a woman bathroom and replace them with unisex bathrooms.


In this article Emily Bazelon gives the opinions of all the persons that would get affected by the government allowing transgenders to share locker rooms and bathrooms with everyone.