Hough, Mark H. “Landscape Architecture on Campus.” Weblog post. The Field The Professional Landscape Architects’ Network. Landscape Architects at Duke University, 14 Apr. 2014. Web.


According to Mark H. Hough college and university campuses are obsessed with mixing urban life with their traditional landscapes and how landscaping on a campus has evolved. “Colleges and universities are most students’ first homes away from home and also where students develop their opinions and perspectives on the world” said Hough. That bonding relationship creates an important reason on how more and more campuses are establishing landscaping as a profession. Throughout the United States history universities have a long tradition in American culture. And colleges and universities want to maintain that traditional feel within their campuses while constantly adapting to the new generations and ideas as they come along.


Photo by Mark Hough


To conclude this article Hough gives examples of campuses that integrated new ideas while maintaining tradition like Duke University and University of Chicago.

Photo by Richard Bumstead

Photo by Richard Bumstead