Class Notes–2/9

One more assignment for unit 1
Built Environment description (BED)
due Friday Feb. 12 @ 11:59pm
sit in the area for 45 min to an hour
-(5)total submission
-(1)notes as a past
-(1)formal BED
-take pictures
-written or recorded notes
-describe observation and what you find
-answer questions like-
What artifact or things are present?
What is the layout of your site?
What colors are present in the space?

Models Of Communication

Pathos, Ethos, Logos, kairos
Ethos-Speaker’s credibility;credibility in your conscious
Pathos-manipulation of emotions
logos-speaker’s use of facts etc.. appeal to serve logic
kairos-“right” time or place

*Make 1/3 of AB ‘why is that source useful for ANYONE not just you.. writing the built environment Analysis of Atlanta’
How-in what ways-is this source useful for anyone writing about the B.E. of Atlanta

Mrs. A will accept any work that hasn’t been turned in from Unit 1.
Reading summaries for Unit #2 due Monday @ 11:59pm

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