GEA Writing Group Meetup: Apr. 13

The GEA Writing Group is a monthly gathering of graduate students who meet to discuss, read and address their past, current or new writing projects. This informal group not only works as a form of peer review but also serves a great place for support and encouragement. This month, we will meet Thursday, April 13, at 1:00 p.m. in Troy Moore Library. Please feel free to bring something that you’re working on for your final papers, or ideas for future projects. Writing Group Moderator and GEA Amanuensis Dionne Clark will circulate your paper among those who plan to attend, and will do so in the most efficient and effective way to protect your intellectual property and ideas.

If you plan to attend, please do the following:

  • contact Dionne Clark (
  • submit your paper and/or topic you wish to discuss

If you simply want to attend, and read and discuss the work of your peers, or if you have questions, please contact Dionne as well! The GEA would like for this to be an ongoing, productive, and supportive space for graduate work and graduate students!

Jennifer Olive