Conferences are a way to gain acknowledgement for your research and contribution to the field. Conferences are essential CV lines for graduate students entering the job market and serve as an opportunity to network and make contacts (potentially with future employers). The GEA supports graduate student’s research by offering Conference Registration reimbursement to students presenting at conferences and supporting GSU’s own conference – New Voices. For those new to conferences, below is a list of resources and information to help you as you start presenting.

This page lists well-known conferences in the English field and those traditionally attended by our students.

Applying to a conference but not sure which format to select? This page describes the formats typically present at conferences, so you can better choose the one that best suits your research.

Presenting for the first time at a conference can be an intimidating experience. These tips are designed to help you prepare for you first presentation and give you insight into what to expect.

The GEA offers reimbursement to graduate students presenting at conferences. This page answers the how, what, and where of submitting your reimbursement request.

This page gives details about the conference run and sponsored by the GSU English Department and links to the New Voices website.