Funding Resources

The resources listed below include links to scholarship, grant, and additional funding opportunities. 

GEA Grant Writing Resource

Melissa McLeod, Senior Lecturer at Georgia State University, designed this portion of the site as a resource to explore the possibilities of obtaining grants and fellowships and learn basic tips and strategies for writing grant proposals. The information is geared toward advanced GSU graduate students who have never applied for grants and fellowships before.


GrantForward (formerly the Illinois Researcher Information) is an extensive database of sponsors, funding opportunities, and grant opportunities. All opportunities are analyzed and verified for accuracy and searchable by research keywords. Conducting searches on the site is free; however students can purchase an account to receive grant recommendations.

GSU Graduate Resources

Georgia State’s Graduate Programs website has a fairly comprehensive list of funding options (click on the internal and external funding sources for links). This page also provides information on fellowship advisement, scholarly resources, writing support and graduation.

GSU Payment Plan

Georgia State offers a payment plan for students unable to pay their whole tuition and fees up front. The payment plan allows students to defer payment up to 50% of the current term’s tuition and fees or 50% of their account balance. A $50 non- refundable enrollment fee is required to use the payment plan. More details can be found out their website.

Graduate Assistants can enroll in a Payroll Deduction plan as a method of paying the mandatory fees not covered by their tuition waiver. This plan allows GSU to automatically deduct monthly payments from your checking or savings account to pay off your fee balance. More information can be found at their website.

Panther Career Net

Panther Career Net (PNC) is an online job board used to inform students about both on- and off-campus employment. Any student with an active campus ID and password has access to PNC. Job postings for Graduate Assistant positions affiliated with university wide departments (ie: Recreational Center, Office of Admissions, Scholarship Resource Center) are often listed on PNC.

Scholarship Center

GSU offers several departmental and university-wide scholarships each year to students of all educational levels. March is the deadline to apply for the many of the GSU scholarships, and winners are typically announced in June. To find relevant scholarships, you can use search by keyword or use the search filter to list scholarships by student type, GSU category (department/college affiliation), or major.