The Experience: Octane Coffee and Bar (5)

Naturally, in order to fully immerse¬†myself into¬†Octane Coffee and Bar, I had to order a drink and see what it was like. The drink you see here was recommended to me and is called the Nitro cold brew. The brown sugar packets are not there for decoration, but as a way to express the mentality of Octane. Much like how the brown sugar is “raw”, simple, rugged and natural, the coffee shop is the same.

Menus and Contact Information: Octane Coffee and Bar (4)

This is the menu at Octane Coffee and Bar. The menus are posted around the register on clipboards and are made of paper. The pricing to portion size is fair to me personally, but may seem high to others. The menu itself is very simple with the beverages listed and the price. No description is visible on the menu and the only way to find out is to ask.

Below is the contact card that can be picked up.

List of locations, contact information and social media links.
Creative use of wording. "Refuel" at a place called Octane.
Creative use of wording. “Refuel” at a place called Octane. Also the deal of 10 coffee bevs and get one free. Encourages customers to hold on to the card.

Exterior Environment #4: Signage use

I took a picture of this sign because it depicts how “set” things are at Stone Mountain. Trails are very neatly cut out and signs surround them warning the users of the dangers and (sometimes) fees they may receive for going off the trail. In a way, when you think about it, is all of the park really open to the general public? Or are we limited to certain areas within the park and being excluded from what lies off the trails?