The Hidden Exclusion

In the past is known for people to use many ways to exclude and wanted people from certain areas. People would use a government by passing laws to get what they want. When that didn’t work violence that was used. Many people tend to not realize but when they see bridges, one-way streets, or divided benches they seem to think that’s just the features of the area. However, a number of social scientists say structures have a way of creating a system of inequality. For example some benches have divided seats making convenient armrests. What many people tend to not see is that these “armrests” are really there to prevent homeless people from sleeping on the benches. This is what I like to call “blind architectural discrimination”. Most people are blind from this architectural exclusion therefore not making this act in the books. Social scientist believe that the built environment controls human behavior. This Journal goes through and talks about different examples of agricultural exclusion. For example, highways make it harder to get into the wealthier communities. In these wealthy communities there tends to be parking restrictions. Some neighborhoods even require the home owner to have parking permits for their car. If guests come over they are responsible for giving them a guest parking pass. This makes it harder for outsiders to come into these types of neighborhoods. It’s called architectural exclusion and what’s being excluded is mostly the poor and people of color. This is a problem all over the united states that needs further attention.

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