Morton’s Reading Summary: The Tunnels


Margret Morton’s “The Tunnel” is eye opening. In late 1980s and 1990s many people in New York were homeless. With nowhere to go many homeless people made their way to an underground train tunnel. This place in hidden from the public view and now one of the oldest surviving homeless communities. The type of people who live in these tunnels are mostly people battling poverty. However, these tunnels are also a way for “regular people” to escape their lives. Some escape their hostile family and there’s even a married couple who love down there. The way the tunnels are designed is bunkers all alongside the train tunnel. Living here doesn’t require one to pay rent, that’s why some people live there to lay of all that stress. Another thing the reading talks about is the psychological effect being homeless have effect on people. This is called Situational International theory also called “The SI”. Morton shares the lives of the tunnel people. How they use their space in the tunnel to show self- representation. They believe living in the tunnel is a way of helping them find their selves. Morton gets an inside look of the tunnel life and is escorted by “The Lord of the Tunnel”, Bernard. There are famous shocking photographs of the tunnels in New York. Morton’s “The tunnels” really show an eye opening way of life.

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