His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society Summary

Suzanne Tick’s “His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society” article focuses on society’s issues on acceptance and change. In this case, “Identity is no longer clearly defined as female or male” (Trick) this has raised problems in fashion, architecture, schools and workplace. “With the confusion of gender roles today, outward appearances are often confusing. Boys look like girls, girls look like boys” (Trick). Transgender people have been viewed as outcasts but their voices have been heard over the years. They have been standing up to institutions and corporate America. One major obstacle they face is how today’s landscape is “predominantly male perspective”. Men occupy the power roles in the workplace therefore, their prime space is specifically deigned for them. So what about transgender people? This bring an even bigger conversation. “This is an essentially human phenomenon” (trick). Soon enough eniviorments will be created to which people can have their own individuality.

Built Environment: Emory University

Emory University is a private research University located in Metropolitan Atlanta. Emory University was built in 1836 in Oxford, Georgia then relocated in 1915 to its current location. Emory University has nine academic divisions: Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Oxford College, Goizueta Business School, Laney Graduate School, School of Law, School of Medicine, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, Rollins School of Public Health, and the Candler School of Theology. There is no huge fence surrounding the campus but the buildings make it hard to see the outside streets. It doesn’t even feel like you’re in Atlanta when you are on campus. The buildings are Fairley close together and have a modern look. Emory is somewhat hard to navigate through because of the small roads and limited access. One huge obstacle is only people with a campus card can access the buildings so only students and faculty have access. The colors that come out the most at this location are green, white and brown. Green because of the park-like atmosphere it gave, the smell of the fresh grass and plenty trees. All most all the buildings are the same color, white and brown. White marble type of building with brown roof. Since Emory is known for being a great school I felt good walking around the campus. Emory University is my dream school so I was really happy being there. The environment is so clean and calm. The only down side is the ambulances and fire trucks running back and forth almost every 30 minutes due to hospitals surrounding the campus. I was at Emory University till 7:30pm, it got dark but I didn’t feel unsafe. Emory University is a high-ranked school that has the brightest students. There are many awards and recognitions around the campus for people to see the success of Emory University

Reflecting Entrance


The main entrance of Emory University reflects a lot of the University. “Emory University is one of the worlds leading research universities and recognized internationally for its outstanding liberal arts colleges, graduate and professional schools, and one of the Southeast’s leading health care systems”. As I entered the University main entrance i felt proud, it gave off a good vibe. The entrance is beautiful and prepares you for whats on the inside.



Emory University has a beautiful outdoor campus. As i took notes for my project i realized how clean and calm the campus environment was. The grass was green and smelled fresh. The sounds i heard mostly included chatter, laughter and birds chipping. I also saw a lot of squirrels running up and down trees, scattering around in the leaves. Emory gives a very peaceful setting. No wonder it is ranked one of the best college campuses in Georgia.

Chirping birds: Emory University Recording

Above is a recording that i took while sitting on a bench at Emory University near the Robert W Woodruff Library. The recording was taken on February 11th approximately at 6:00pm. The sounds in the recording included birds chirping and chatter in the distance. The campus is an outdoor campus that is beautiful, very clean and calm. However, Emory University is surrounded by hospitals. What i wasn’t able to get on the recording was the sounds of firetrucks and ambulances passing by every hour.

Immigrant Children & the Mexican border


Stephen Dinan. “Illegal Immigrant Children Surge across Border at Highest Rate since Last Summer’s Peak.” (2015): 1. Web.

Stephen Dinan is a reporter who works for the Washington Times. Dinian’s article “Illegal immigrant children surge across border at highest rate since last summer’s peak” informs one about the rising number of illegal immigrant children crossing the Mexican-American border. He clearly blames the Obama Administration for the lack of action that continues to demonstrate failure. This article informs one about the rising children immigrants and Obama’s Administration failure.
The Border of Security continue to pour money into better security at the Mexican Border. Now, making crossing the border harder than before. The increasing numbers of violence in Latin countries seem to be the reason for this sudden rise. America frowns upon illegal immigrants. America is doing all they can to stop illegal immigrants from flowing into the states. These young children are often poor, homeless and even parent-less. They dream about coming to the United States where violence isn’t as bad and education is better. The border blocks them from their dreams of a better life.