WNS Interview in the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post recently published an article, “Bat Disease Epidemic Still Expanding Throughout North America” that details current white-nose syndrome impact and research.

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The following is a correction to the article, in relation to our research.

“[Cornelison’s] team developed a nebulizer to distribute the bacteria at a very low cost and recently conducted a field trial at four sites in Kentucky.”

This statement should be altered to read: “[Cornelison’s] team developed a nebulizer to distribute antifungal volatile organic compounds, such as those produced by various bacteria, to attain a gaseous inhibitory effect on the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome, and recently completed a toxicity trial in Missouri. Another control agent, the bacterium Rhodococcus rhodochrous strain DAP 96253, which elicits its inhibitory effects on fungi from merely sharing the same airspace, was recently involved in field trials at four sites in Missouri and Kentucky.”