Our Research inspires Art

     Arpita Choudhury, of The Science Of Illustration, after reading of our research involving the bacterium Rhodococcus rhodochrous being used both as an agent for delaying the ripening of fruit and as an antifungal agent to treat bat white-nose syndrome, was inspired to create some illustrations to commemorate our first successful field trial treating bats with white-nose syndrome.

“The basis of my illustration came from the possibility of treating an entire cave. It also came from a quote from a researcher in the Cool Green Science post who compared this future delivery system to the commercial grade room fresheners used in hotels. So the image came to me of a cave freshener that worked in the manner of the car fresheners hung on rear view mirrors that also smelled of bananas as a nod to the original research that led to this awesome development.” -Arpita Choudhury

Go to Cave Fresh at TheScienceOfIllustration.com to see the whole post and check out Arpita’s other works.