WNS Research on CBS46

     Chris Cornelison, a post-doctoral research associate, and Kyle Gabriel, a Ph.D. candidate, were featured on a CBS46 (Atlanta) news piece, Georgia faces one of its worst mosquito seasons, for their research involving the control of white-nose syndrome. Kyle has been developing a device to distribute gaseous antifungal compounds into airspaces containing infected bats. By mimicking the natural dispersal of gaseous antifungal compounds by bacteria, it is hoped that a two-fold benefit can be achieved: 1) the removal of any potential or perceived impacts from potentially releasing a biocontrol agent into the environment, and 2) the ability to enhance antifungal activity by modifying the ratios and concentrations of the antifungal components of the gaseous mixture. Read the article with the link above, or watch the video below, to see the whole story.