Midterm Reflection

When I first entered the class I knew this would be a very different and new experience. The learning style of this class is something I’m not used to. The academic writing process is totally different. Usually in English classes we would just be assigned papers and get an actual grade, but in this class we haven’t yet wrote a “typical” paper. We are writing just in a different format. Research wise in this class we actually went to visit a site to do research. I never once did that in any other class. The various projects we do in class seem to be easy, but actually requires a lot of thought and time. Reading Summaries, Annotated Bibliographies, and Built Environment Descriptions deal with research. I learned about primary and secondary research in here. Before I might of heard of it but didn’t really have a clue what it meant. I got to experience primary research by doing the Built Environment project and it’s a good approach  if the place you’re visiting still exists. I also experience secondary research by doing my Reading Summaries and Annotated Bibliographies.  I got to actually use the GSU Library database. I’ve never used it before. I know have an idea of how to do all the projects and activities so hopefully my scores just keep improving. Also, this whole entire blog style is different. It’s something that I’m new to as well. On the dashboard I can see different people post and they can see mine. So therefore I have an audience of other students taking this class and also you’re part of the audience too Dr. Wharton! At first, i was super skeptical of this blog style, but it makes it easier to write. I like typing more than actually hand writing and it sometimes helps gets my thoughts together easier. I’m actually starting to like this whole concept.

After receiving feedback on the reading summaries I’ve noticed I needed work on citations and actually point out the main ideas from the beginning. I think my strengths are that I have good ideas I just have to work on the organization of them. I can improve my grade by doing extra activities though. I haven’t currently submitted any but I started on the syllabus extra credit. I’m also going to do the quizzes on D2L. I haven’t did any because I take another hybrid class and it’s a lot assignments in that one plus I take 3 other classes and I’m a full time manager at Papa Johns so I’m trying to juggle everything. I am going to try and do more extra credit assignments to get more points for my grade. I now have an idea of how to the various assignments and now know what I need to work on. I’m definitely going to start a little sooner. I’m also going to put pictures with my posts and make it more interesting. I will also try and do more of the assigned major tasks to increase my grade. I’m determined to make an A in this class, so I have to do what it takes to get one!

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