Built Environment Final Analysis

Throughout the semester going on the different built environments journeys the ones that stood out the most were the interior and exterior built environments. For the interior I visited the Coca Cola Factory and it has a different vibe because it’s an interactive museum, movie theater, gift shop compared to my exterior built environment Ormewood Park which is a community of houses, stores, and churches. It’s two totally different environments but they do have some similarities between the two. Ormewood Park and The Coca Cola Factory is a tight knit community which is safe, fun, and makes you feel welcomed.

Ormewood Park is a neighborhood not too far from my job on Moreland Ave. and I get to drive through daily and constantly exposed to the neighborhood. When I visited Ormewood Park and actually toured the neighborhood and surrounding areas I saw Ormewood Park differently. The neighborhood has a couple of churches, a charter school, and really unique house setups. I visited a couple of houses that struck me and it was like the houses were on sticks. They were two story houses that looked long and unsturdy (I knew they were though). They were the same style right next to each other. I went down another road and noticed a different setup of houses and a totally different style. The sounds were mostly birds chirping and airplanes flying through the sky. Below I inserted my sound clip from my trip to Ormewood Park of the various sounds.

The Coca Cola Factory is a well known museum all over the United States. It is a very fun and family oriented place.  It’s a great place to go for a family visit, school field trip, or even for research on it. It has artifacts throughout the entire building so, it’s a lot more facts around than you think. It has one of the most popular features which is the Taste It! part of the building. This section includes different types of Coca Cola from different countries. (They weren’t all good, either). Another key element is the gift shop! When you visit places like that you have to get a souvenir, you have to have something to remember your visit by. I got me a keychain with the initial B for my name. IMG_5217

Okay, you’re probably wondering how I’m going to compare a neighborhood to a museum. The first thing the two have in common is that they’re family oriented and everyone is welcomed. (They also both cost money) Another thing in common is that they both try to have a safe environment. The neighborhood has “neighborhood watch association” and try to keep all danger away from their neighborhood. The Coca Cola Factory has security guards and scanner that makes sure weapons or anything illegal isn’t going into the building.

Although these are two totally different environments they still can relate. Try not to look at just where and what the environment is instead look for what the PLACE is doing for the environment. Although one is more is more interactive than the other one doesn’t diminish it’s placement in the world. Ormewood Park is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood and Coca  Cola Factory is a loud and fun family place to visit. By doing the built environments on these two it made me really look at a place you’ve already visited differently. You look more into the place and get a true definition of that particular environment. I do this with various places now. I encourage you all to visit places twice or more and each time try to look a little deeper.

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