Annotated Bibliography 4

Torres, Kristina. “Georgia House Passes ‘campus Carry’ Bill Legalizing Guns At…” Georgia House Passes ‘campus Carry’ Bill Legalizing Guns At…Atlanta Journal Constitution, 22 Feb. 2016. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.


Today, the state House legalized carrying concealed guns on college campuses in Georgia. The debate took about and hour and a half to come to an agreement on rather or not the 859 bill would be passed and it did. Not every college student can just go out and get a gun. They’re rules and regulations behind this newly passed bill: Student has to be 21 or older with a weapon license and they’re not allowed to carry in dorms, frat houses, or athletic events. They also must be concealed only and a permit for that is required as well. Due to a couple of armed robberies at Georgia State University library, this has also gave them more support for why students should have the right to carry a concealed gun.

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