Derr, Mary Krane. “Atlanta.” Our States: Georgia (2015): 1-6. Book Collection: Nonfiction. Web. 2 Feb. 2016.

The author gives a general overview of the city of Atlanta, including information on the landscape, people, economy, landmarks, and history. The report is written for people who are searching for information on the city of Atlanta. Mary Krane Derr calls the city of Atlanta the “economic and cultural center of the southeastern United States” because of the large amount of events that have happened there. Derr lists things such as the Peach Bowl, Centennial Summer Olympics, and the filming of the movie “Gone with the Wind.” She describes the overall landscape as being “full of ponds, creeks, lakes, and rivers.” Next, she describes the diverse culture of the city, and how all the different races live together. Derr goes on to describe the historical significance of places in Atlanta, and the events that happened that lead up to those historical events. I see that this report as a¬†useful way to jump start ideas on¬†finding the rhetoric of different places.