Midterm Reflection

Sophia John

Dr. Wharton

English 1102

February 15, 2015


So far throughout the course of this class, my writing style and composition has evolved an changed drastically. In the past I have been taught to understand a subject matter and write papers based solely upon the information I was given. In this class I have learned to write based on my own first hand experience and primary sources in which I have gathered myself. I now view writing as an outlet of expressing my own opinions and style in my writing rather than reiterating information that has simply been handed to me. I admire how this class gives students the opportunity to go and physically see and observe the spaces in which we are to write about because it gives each person an opportunity to experience the same site in a different and personal light. The reading summaries and annotated bibliographies have also improved my summation skills and has allowed me to really practice and master the art of condensing writing into short, highly useful and informational pieces.

While composing my reading summaries and annotated bibliographies, I try to gear my writing toward anyone that is interested in the subject and those who need a short paragraph of useful, highly knowledgeable information. I have learned to incorporate key ideas and important facts from a whole article into bullet points and then later go back and write a brief description to each of these bullet points. When I have finished this step, I finally go back and piece together and add all parts of my writing together to form a useful summary or annotated bibliography for others to read and understand.

Upon receiving feedback of my reading summaries, I now know that I have a few grammatical errors and citation errors throughout my writing. I now know what I need to work on and practice in order to perfect my writing and perform to the best of my abilities in this class. I have also received feedback and notes about working on more of the extra credit activities in order to earn more points in this class. So far throughout this class I have learned that the key to success in this class is start on assignments early and to accomplish as many extra credit activities as possible. I will now try and improve my style and composition of writing with the helpful feedback given in the grade report and try to participate in as many extra credit opportunities as possible.