Extra Extra Credit – Part 2 Final Detailed Revision Explanation

Throughout this final step of perfecting our built environment spaces I learned a lot not only about the mistakes and improvements that were able to be made, but also about the overall function of our digital spaces as well. The final extra extra credit part of this assignment allowed for us to reexamine the work we have been doing in small pieces, and completely remodel and perfect our sites. The main improvement that I could see needed changes on my site as I worked on the first part of the extra extra credit part of this project was that more tags were needed for each of my individual posts. Though a few of my posts had tags, many did not. I went back and revisited many of my recently added posts and customized as many posts as I could. I had also trashed many useless drafts and notes that were left as my posts that helped clean up the site and make the site more resourceful. After all of this, I made a quick scan of all of my work and made touch ups here and there on font sizes and colors present throughout the site so that the site has an overall equivalent and pretty feel to it as well as being able to clearly read and access the content provided!