Looking back: Individual Project

When searching the English 1102 archive, I have found it to be difficult to find resources that match the type of material that I am searching for. It is important to tag an article appropriately so that searchers may more easily find my work and avoid finding work that is off topic. The titles of the articles on the archive tend to be ambiguous and do not have thought put into them. The following article has a confusing title with no explaniation in the body of the work (see artifact here). My blog posts, like this one, do have the overall name of what it is about, but I could go into a little more detail by telling what aspect of the Sweet Auburn Market that I will discuss. Creating a more informative and thoughtful title will smooth out the research process.

An important lesson I have learned during this course is to pay close attention to my organization when I write. I found it frustrating to have to constantly think about and criticize my organization, but that battle has strengthened my skills. Mrs. A talked about making an outline before I jump in to writing an essay, which I do not prefer doing since the process seems to take longer; however, spending this extra time on my writing will pay off in the end. I believe that I have improved with my transitions between paragraphs which is something I have always struggled with. I tend to jump from topic to topic, but I think I have gotten better (see artifact here).

Although it took a while, I learned how to make my work more multimodal by incorporating hyperlinks and photos (see here). I have learned that online writing is different than writing an essay on paper because there are different expectations. Incorporating links, pictures, and videos create an interactive space for the reader and can provide more evidence for my argument. Having never worked on a website or made a blog post previously, I have enjoyed these new experiences.

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