Is Your School Interested in Group Mentoring?


Step 1: Complete a School Interest Survey 

Step 2: Complete a Site Agreement with Project Arrive Staff, Wesley West,  

Step 3: Review Best Practices information on group mentoring.

Step 4: Recruit mentors at your site, direct them to Be A Mentor!

Step 5: Recruit mentees at your site, direct them to Students and Families 

Step 6: Participate in Mentor Orientation and Training. Complete a Training Evaluation Form.

Step 7: Interview Mentees utilizing the Mentee Application

Step 8: Obtain Mentee Parent/Guardian Consent

Step 9: Match Mentee-Mentors  and create Group Mentor Schedule

Step 10: Schedule Mentee-Mentor Kick-Off

Step 11: You’re ready for Group Mentoring Activities!