PROJECT ARRIVE: Group Mentoring for 9th Graders

Starting high school can be a challenging experience for any teenager. SFUSD’s Mentoring For Success: Project Arrive is a school-based group mentoring program designed for 9th grade students. The purpose is to help 9th graders make a successful transition into high school, and to connect them with the people, resources and inspiration they will need to stay on the path toward graduation.

Schools intentionally reach out to students who have had previous challenges related to regular school attendance and/or academics, and enroll those who are enthusiastic about participating voluntarily. Learn more here.

Project Arrive group mentors are SFUSD employees who work at the high school (e.g. an academic counselor, a student advisor, a school nurse, a principal). The role of a Project Arrive group mentor is that of a guide, coach, advocate and facilitator.

With training and ongoing support from the Project Arrive staff, group mentors work in pairs to co-facilitate groups of 8-10 students:

  • Once a week
  • During the regular school day
  • At a time that does not interfere with core academic classes
  • For the duration of the school year

Using curriculum and creativity to tailor mentoring sessions to the diverse needs and interests of each group, Project Arrive group mentors help students to:

  • Build positive connections with peers and adults…as soon as they start high school
  • Develop a sense of belonging and safety within the larger school community
  • Get consistent support in addressing barriers to academic and life success
  • Participate in special events, outings and leadership opportunities throughout the year

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