Core Rooms Description

Access to the Core faciltiy requires card access to the elevators and hallways – training courses Security Awareness and Global Harmonization (RTK).






921Access to the laboratories require key access – training required Hazardous Waste, Laboratory Safety and Radiation Safety training. 








Welcome to “your lab away from lab” core rooms containing basic laboratory supplies for research as well as supplies used with the equipment.

The Core rooms PSC  921 and 863/841 are commissioned for Radioisotope work with an approved Radiation Protocol for an inventory of up to 3mCi per I125, 1mCi per S35, 0.1mCi C14, 2mCi P32, 5mCi P33, 1mCi per H3 storage.   The Core can also order isotopes and such kits for investigators who do not have commissioned labs for Isotope work or limited space in their labs.


863/841 PSC – “Cold Storage, Wax System and Equipment” A hallway Room containing -80 Freezers, Refrigerators, -20 freezers for shared and individual Principal Investigators’ use.  The STP 120 wax infiltration unit and Histostar 4 for tissue wax embedding as well as the Allegra centrifuge.  Dry ice and wet ice.

921 PSC – “Histology Equipment”  The room houses the cryostats, vibrotomes, sliding microtome and rotary microtome with water bath and slide rack.  The NanoVue and Genesys Spectrophotometers, pH meter,  an oven, Zeiss Imager.M2 Light microscope, incubating water bath, refrigerator, -20 freezer, Shandon Autosharp 5.

921 PSC – “Biological Assays and Histology” In Person Mary Karom and working laboratory for use to perform biological assays, histology techniques and radiation quantification. Core laboratory for bench space to accommodate such protocols as: autoradiography, in situ hybridization, staining etc. The Incubators are also located here.   A Core -80 freezer. refrigerator and -20 freezer as well as dry ice container for use are located here.

753 PSC – “Cold Storage and Flammable and Corrosive Storage Cabinets – NI shares half this room with another department.  Three-80 Freezers, 1 Long term storage, 2 Lab and Temporary storage; 1 -80 Freezer for back up – this freezer is empty used for temporary or defrosting other freezers. 

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