The Core is here to assist all levels of students, faculty and staff in achieving their research goals in all areas of laboratory protocols at the Neuroscience Institute.

Training is tailored to meet the needs of the researcher based on the individual experimental design, or for general inquiries and applications to use the facility or in their own laboratories.

  1. Operator Assisted – working with the researcher one on one.
  2. Independent – researcher works on their own inside the core room after demonstrating competency with equipment and laboratory practice.
  3. Consulting – regarding any aspect of the technique or protocol the researcher needs assistance throughout the experiment.

Bench space in the core rooms are available for temporary or long term use by an individual researcher, however certain areas of the core rooms are designated for specialized use such as radioactive materials or sterile techniques.

Equipment use is available to Neuroscience core members after training any time – if equipment is not working or problems occur please contact core supervisor as soon as possible for repair or service.

Assay and Histology training are determined after meeting with the researcher to discuss the needs of the experiment and amount of assistance provided by the core.

The type of assay you choose is dependent on many factors including the cost,  how much volume, collection methods and type of sample is needed to answer your research question.  When planning an experiment all these factors should be considered when designing your research.  Feel free to contact the core for information during your experimental design process.

Assistance regarding Laboratory Safety, Radiation Safety and Biohazard Material handling is available by the core.

Feel free to stop by PSC 921 for information on any of the Core equipment or services.


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