Leyla Eghbalzad

web-picLeyla Eghbalzad
Graduate Student

Developmental Psychology

Leyla is a graduate student in the Developmental Psychology PhD program at Georgia State University. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Georgia State University. She started working with children in a language research lab as an undergraduate student. During that time, she became interested in how individual differences play a role in language development. For her graduate research in the Neurolearn Lab, she is focusing on how cognitive skills and social/environmental factors impact the development of language in children. Language development appears to be highly dependent on both the environment that the child is raised in and his or her cognitive skills. Leyla’s research is focused on the extent to which these two factors might interact to lead to successful language development. She is also a member of the Acquiring Language with a Cochlear Implant (ALCI) research team. ALCI examines the relationship between statistical learning and language development in typically hearing children and children with cochlear implants. Leyla is interested to further investigate the long-term impact of environmental and biological factors on language and cognitive skills in a longitudinal study.