People Summary

joanne Joanne A. Deocampo, PhD
Lab Director

Dr. Deocampo is a Research Scientist in the Department of Psychology at Georgia State University and the Director of the NeuroLearn Lab. She has a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in psychology with a focus in cognitive psychology and developmental psychology. Broadly speaking, she is interested in how our brains and cognitive systems develop important functions across a lifetime such as learning and remembering information, acquiring language, and understanding patterns and other complex relationships between items in the environment, such as symbols. [more]

Sonia Singh, M.S.

Graduate Student
Cognitive Sciences
Sonia is currently working on a project examining the neural correlates of implicit learning and language acquisition. Her interests are the mediating effects of attention, acquiring syntax, pattern awareness and the role of prediction in sequential learning. She plans to further investigate sequential learning abilities in individuals with dyslexia.[more]

Leyla Eghbalzad

Graduate Student
Developmental Psychology
Leyla is a graduate student in the Developmental Psychology PhD program at Georgia State University. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Georgia State University. For her graduate research in the Neurolearn Lab, she is focusing on how cognitive skills and social/environmental factors interact to lead to successful language development in children. [more]