Within Georgia State University, the Department of Psychology is our home department. It is housed within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Cognitive Sciences


Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience

Developmental Psychology


GSU Child Research Group

GSU’s Child Research Group includes several labs affiliated with the Department of Psychology committed to understanding how children develop. It maintains a confidential database of families interested in participating in behavioral research studies. Check out the website and sign up to stay informed of current and future research for which your child might be eligible. Visit the group’s social media pages, too: Instagram or Facebook.


Brain, Learning and Language Laboratory

The Brain, Learning and Language Laboratory, directed by Dr. Christopher Conway, is a research lab at Boys Town National Research Hospital. The focus of the lab is studying how the brain learns language and what might be different in the case of a language disorder or language delay.



The SUCCESS Lab is a joint use developmental research facility. It was opened in February 2017 to create a kid and family friendly research space to be used by approved researchers affiliated with Georgia State University (GSU) who do research with children. The lab is managed and supervised by Dr. Barbara Church.