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Extra Credit Built Environment Analysis
Relaxation and stress in atlanta based on the built environment Encounters with nearby nature help alleviate mental fatigue by relaxing and restoring the [...]
what you’ve revised, based on this list and possibly other considerations, and how you revised it. Why did you make the particular changes you did? * [...]
Universities in the city: The right life
San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, and Detroit are each home to more than 300,000 college students, while San Diego, Riverside, Phoenix, Minneapolis-Saint [...]
Annotated Bibliography 1-10
Evans, Jocelyn J., and Kyrsten B. York. “How the Mall Means: An Analysis of the National Mall as a Cohesively Built Environment.” Perspectives on Political [...]
Built Environment Analysis Peer Review
I need a review with Kimberly. Here’s her post i [...]
Built Environment Analysis
  The built environment of a university in the city isn’t negative at all. Schools in the city provide better opportunities, which mean better [...]
Built Environment Description: Digital
Turner Broadcasting Website   The website I was given was Turner has more than 100 of the most recognizable brands and content in [...]
Digital Description: Digital Recording #1
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