Extra Credit Built Environment Analysis
Relaxation and stress in atlanta based on the built environment Encounters with nearby nature help alleviate mental fatigue by relaxing and restoring the [...]
Annotated Bibliography 1-10
Evans, Jocelyn J., and Kyrsten B. York. “How the Mall Means: An Analysis of the National Mall as a Cohesively Built Environment.” Perspectives on Political [...]
Digital Description: Digital Recording #1
Built Environment Description and classwork
  turner broadcasting website What artifacts or things are present at the site? How are these artifacts or things arranged/located/stored? What is the [...]
annotated bibliography 5
Phia Bennin and  Brendan [...]
Interior: The Fox Theater
I chose the fox theater because my mom would take me there all the time when i was a kid. I remember seeing the Phantom of the Opera and The Nutcracker [...]
Annotated Bibliography 6: The Fox Theater
Annotated Bibliography 5
Act Two: A Look at Birmingham, Alabama’s Historic Theaters: The Alabama [...]
“Recognizing Campus Landscapes as Learning Spaces” (Summary 3)
The authors, Kathleen G. Scholl and Gowri Betrabet Gulwadi explain the holistic environment of an university. Todays university must be resilient spaces in [...]
Mid-term Reflection
Since starting this class I have already learned a lot. For starters I’m not used to the writing prompt we are working with now. I like it better [...]
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